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|  How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005)  |
| Bootloader (BL) and Baseband (CP) using Heimdall |
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Some SIM cards seem not to be correctly detected by Android operating system while using custom ROMs like LineageOS. In most scenarios you will have to update the Bootloader and Baseband code. To do that most people use Windows software called Samsung Odin 3 but there is also an alternative way to flash any firmware to Samsung phone on Linux and macOS - by using a software called Heimdall.

1. Download Heimdall (version >= 1.4.1). In this example I'm using Heimdall 1.4.1 for macOS from https://bitbucket.org/benjamin_dobell/heimdall/downloads/.

2. Download the latest version of BL and CP from this thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-3/general/bootloader-baseband-bl-cp-samsung-t3582504. I'm using the CP_N9005XXUGPQB1 and BL_N9005XXSGBQD1. The update won't affect any system components, ie. CSC, PIT, kernel and both system and recovery partitions.

3. Extract all files. Turn off the phone, remove and insert the battery (important!) and turn the phone on in Download Mode (vol down + home + power). Connect the phone via USB and flash required components:

* aboot.mbn
* rpm.mbn
* sbl1.mbn
* sdi.mbn
* tz.mbn

* NON-HLOS.bin
* modem.bin

$ sudo heimdall flash --ABOOT BL_N9005XXSGBQD1/aboot.mbn --RPM BL_N9005XXSGBQD1/rpm.mbn --SBL1 BL_N9005XXSGBQD1/sbl1.mbn --DBI BL_N9005XXSGBQD1/sdi.mbn --TZ BL_N9005XXSGBQD1/tz.mbn --APNHLOS CP_N9005XXUGPQB1/NON-HLOS.bin --MODEM CP_N9005XXUGPQB1/modem.bin --no-reboot

Make sure you've set a valid path to every file.

4. After flashing unplug the USB cable and turn off the phone by pulling out the battery.

5. Insert the battery back and turn on the phone. Your Bootloader and Baseband are up to date. After the upgrade you may also notice improvements in battery performance, network signal strength and GPS TTFF.

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