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: about me
name:        Damian Pasternok
nick:        crh
nationality: Polish
residence:   Warsaw
certs:       RHCE, RHCSA, RHCoE-Server Hardening # 150-010-841
             CEHv8 # ECC43661837879
os:          GNU/Linux [various distros at home and work] (screenshot)
occupation:  sysadmin/network engineer (sometimes webdev [Python/django])
workplace:   Oktawave - Warsaw, Poland
interests:   POSIX/GNU operating systems, computer programming, astronomy,
             astrophysics, parapsychology, music (playing organ, drums),
             mechanical wrist watches, railroads, submarines and many other.
contact:     Email (private): my_forename at pasternok.org (pgp)
             `- fingerprint: 245C C34B 0F45 55A4 244E EA35 8FF8 9841 0C64 BD2A
             Email (work):    my_forename dot my_surname at oktawave.com (pgp)
             `- fingerprint: A0F7 AD8F 505B 7AD7 7A0F 9E70 627C 3D3B C7DD BBFB
             IRC: crh (IRCnet: #katedra)

Warning! Above addresses are made available only for private communications
and I don't want to receive any advertisements, offers and other bulk
mailings. Sending such things to the above addresses you authorize me to place
your address on any available blacklists and blocking them everywhere and
every time. Sending bulk mail to the above address you authorize me to make
your message publicly available. More about it: http://www.cauce.org/.

: geek code

Version: 3.1
GCS/IT/M/MU/S d- s:+ a C+++$ UB+++$L++++$ P+$ L++++$
!E W+++$ N* o? !K !w !O M+ !V PS PE Y+ PGP++ !t !5 !X
!R tv-() b+(++) DI D G e+++>++++ h+>--- r+>+++ y+


: ambient music

The KLF :: Chill Out

This is essentially electronic atmosphere music designed to relax the listener
with its soothing vibes. Generally under 90 bpm or totally beatless, ambient
music takes you on a relaxing or thoughtful journey using a variety of sounds,
from wind and whale sound samples, to richly textured electronic landscapes.

Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon [Edit]                                 download
Ishq - Sol                                                            download
Loop Guru - 5am Sunrise (Pt. 6)                                       download

: programming
Simple source codes (everything is GPLv3+). Most of them are old and outdated.

- Sense HAT Munin Plugin - Raspberry Pi Sense HAT board triple sensor plugin
  for Munin monitoring tool. Also an alternative version is available
  including additional single DS18B20 digital thermometer using for outdoor
  temperature measurements.
- Wake On Lan - Magic Packet - PyGTK-based tool for sending broadcast frame
  called Magic Packet to turn on a computer remotely (tested in local networks
  and Internet). The program uses remote or local Top-level Domains list
  downloaded from IANA to validate the FQDN (can be updated by --update-tlds
  There are two ways to use Wake On LAN over Internet:
  1. You can send Magic Packet directly to broadcast address. For example: will sent MP to
  2. If the computer is behind NAT you'll need a special iproute2 and iptables
     rules to forward broadcast messages, e.g.
  # ip neigh add lladdr ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff nud permanent dev eth0
  # iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth1 -p udp --dport 48777 -j DNAT \
  Above example will work for is an unused IP,
  eth1 - WAN interface, eth0 - LAN. Iproute2 assigns address
  to MAC ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff. Iptables forwards received packets from port
  48777 to - this address has assigned the broadcast MAC,
  so all packets will be sent to every computer in LAN.
- ipv6calc - simple utility to calculate pointer domain names for IPv6
  prefixes. Use examples:
  $ ./ipv6calc.py ::ffff:
  $ ./ipv6calc.py 2001:05c0:1501:bb00::/56
- RTBackup - real-time backup script which periodically checks modification
  time of each file and creates backup of the file if it has been modified,
  with preserve the file and parent directories permissions.

- HP Laser printer Toner levels Munin Plugin - based on the code originally
  written by Nicolas Bernaerts. New version supports monochrome laser printers
  (BLACK_ONLY option). OID (sysLocation) has been replaced
  by (sysName).
- zmstop - very simple but useful Bacula pre-backup script for Zimbra
  Collaboration Suite (Open Source Edition). The script kills all orphaned
  processes not properly closed by Zimbra's zmcontrol (e.g. MySQL) before 
  backup. The script was made for standalone Bacula installations that are
  allowed to connect to Zimbra server via SSH key authentication. Therefore it
  also protects killing of itself and the SSH session (BeforeJob non-zero

  Recommended config (script should be placed into /opt/zimbra):
  -- bacula-dir.conf --
  JobDefs {
    RunBeforeJob = "ssh zimbra@mailserver ./zmstop.sh"
    RunAfterJob = "ssh zimbra@mailserver zmcontrol start"

- GEL2-SW8 Switch Stats - script that creates bandwidth charts of switch ports
  collected over SNMP (compatible with 'GEL2-SW8' Linux-based 8-P Gigabit L2
  Managed Switches: RubyTech GS-2108C, Repotec RP-G0802L)

- Jarf (Jabber account registration form) - simple PHP form which can be used
  by jabberd+mysql to register new XMPP account or change password.
- cuturl - Just another script to make shortened URLs. It doesn't require

- muninlite LEDE 17.07.2 patch (fixes some buggy sed df regexps and, moreover,
  ignores /, /dev and /rom mounts which are unnecessary)              download
- lastfm.pl (last.fm now playing script for irssi) (EN, Perl)         download
- rc.hurricane (Hurricane Electrics IPv6 update script) (EN, bash)    download
- backup.sh (rsync-based backup script) (EN, bash)                    download

Linux kernel patches:
- Linux vmsplice Local Root Exploit fix/patch for   download
- NVIDIA 96.43.05 Display Driver patch for Linux 2.6.26               download
- Linux >= 2.4.4, >= 2.6.0 NULL pointer dereference due to incorrect
  proto_ops initializations fix                                       download
  Temporary fix:
  # sysctl vm.mmap_min_addr=4096

Slackware packages and SlackBuilds (browse)

: linux kernel
Old kernel configurations.

my desktop kernel configuration (may be useful for beginners):
- w/ NAT, ACPI, I2C, USB DSL modem, etc.                     download

server kernel configuration (Pentium III and some Intel stuff):
- 2.6.28-hardened-r9 (Gentoo) w/ iptables & PaX/grsecurity and QoS    download

Older configs are available here.

: articles
- IPv6 i Neostrada w Linuksie (PL, html)
- IPv6 i Neostrada w Linuksie (PL, txt)
- Software RAID 1 w Linuksie (PL, html)
- Software RAID 1 w Linuksie (PL, txt)

: links
GNU and Linux:
- The GNU Operating System
- Richard Stallman's Personal Site
- The Linux Kernel Archives
- The Slackware Linux Project

sites of my friends:
- Krzysztof ┼╗mijewski home page
- Marcin Wilk Homesite

other sites:
- Jacek Yerka Official Site

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