Name: Damian Pasternok
Nick: crh
Nationality: Polish
Residence: Warsaw
OS: Linux
Occupation: one-man army
Workplace: PepsiCo, Inc. - Warsaw, Poland
Interests: POSIX/GNU operating systems, programming, cybersecurity, astronomy, astrophysics, parapsychology, music (playing organ, drums), mechanical wrist watches, trekking, survival, urban exploration, railroads, submarines and many more.
Contact: IRC: #katedra at IRCnet
Email: <my forename> at pasternok.org, PGP: local or pgp.mit.edu mirror


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Geek Code

Version: 3.1
GCS/IT/M/MU/S d- s:+ a C+++$ UB+++$L++++$ P+$ L++++$
!E W++ N* o? !K !w !O M+ !V PS PE Y+ PGP++ !t !5 !X
!R tv-() b++(+++) DI D G e+++>++++ h+>--- r+>+++ y+


This is essentially electronic atmosphere music designed to relax the listener with its soothing vibes. Generally under 90 bpm or totally beatless, ambient music takes you on a relaxing or thoughtful journey using a variety of sounds, from wind and whale sound samples, to richly textured electronic landscapes.

» Proton Kinoun - Illimitable
» Mooma - Shelter


Various source codes written by myself. Everything is GPLv3. Most of them are old and outdated.


» Sense HAT Munin Plugin

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT board triple sensor plugin for Munin monitoring tool. There is also an alternative version available including additional single DS18B20 digital thermometer using for outdoor temperature measurements.

» Wake On Lan - Magic Packet

PyGTK-based tool for sending broadcast frame called Magic Packet to turn on a computer remotely (tested in local networks and Internet). The program uses remote or local Top-level Domains list downloaded from IANA to validate the FQDN (can be updated by --update-tlds option).

There are two ways to use Wake On LAN over Internet:

  1. You can send Magic Packet directly to broadcast address. For example will sent MP to
  2. If the computer is behind NAT you'll need a special iproute2 and iptables rules to forward broadcast messages.




Above example will work for is an unused IP, eth1 - WAN interface, eth0 - LAN. iproute2 assigns address to MAC ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff. iptables forwards received packets from port 48777 to - this address has assigned the broadcast MAC, so all packets will be sent to every computer in LAN.

» ipv6calc

Simple utility to calculate pointer domain names for IPv6 prefixes.

Example #1:



Example #2:

» RTBackup

Real-time backup script which periodically checks modification time of each file and creates backup of the file if it has been modified, with preserve the file and parent directories structure and permissions.


» AnyMote Smart Remote App AMSR definition file for Microlab Solo 7C speakers download
» muninlite LEDE >= 17.01.0 and OpenWrt >= 18.06.0 patch
  Fix for some buggy sed df regular expressions:
  - now it parses uniquely all filesystems (especially virtual filesystems)
  - warnings/criticals for /rom filesystem are disabled by default

» Linux vmsplice Local Root Exploit fix/patch for


» NVIDIA 96.43.05 Display Driver patch for Linux 2.6.26


» Linux >= 2.4.4, >= 2.6.0 NULL pointer dereference due to incorrect proto_ops initializations fix

Temporary fix:


» Slackware packages and SlackBuilds


» Old Linux kernel configurations for desktop (vanilla+grsec w/NAT, ACPI, I2C, USB DSL modem, etc.) and server (Hardened Gentoo w/ iptables, PaX/grsecurity and QoS)




GNU and Linux

Sites of my friends


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